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August 2021

Following a very successful BBQ at Titchmarsh Marina on the 17th July we are now looking forward to a similar fine sunny and warm day for the world famous (?) Gooseberry Pie Rally to the Packing Shed at West Mersea on 21st August.

Gill Maloney has been hard at work on your behalf with the organisation. Full details and entry form are on the following email for you to complete and print.

If you can't come by boat then do come by car and we look forward to seeing a big turnout. See you there!

The Whatsapp group is expanding and already a great forum to share stories, news and pictures.  If you would like to join the group please email Peter at with your mobile number and we will add you.

August 21st 2021

Gooseberry Pie Rally 

The Gooseberry Pie Rally
Including a race from Brightlingsea to the Nass Beacon and an
Afternoon visit to Packing Marsh Island with a Barbecue/picnic – Saturday 21st August
High water (BST)    Brightlingsea                   West Mersea
Saturday                 12:10                                12:15                                      
Sunday                   12:55                                13:00                                                                                      
The Race
The Gooseberry Pie Rally includes a handicap race for all sailing craft to compete for the Admiral’s Cup, the Brooke’s Bowl and the Noctaluca Trophy. Competitors must fly the Association flag or the WSC burgee.

Moorings: will be allocated on the day at West Mersea, payable with the WMYC boatman – please call up as you enter the Quarters on 07752 309435 or VHF  Channel 37, call sign YC1 ,fees are to be paid by individual skippers.

Afternoon plans: After the Race we will land on Packing Marsh Island with use of the historic Packing Shed, where we will have a barbecue/picnic (please bring your own BBQ as none are supplied on the Island). Please take all rubbish away.
Launch will be available for ferrying crews ashore
Food: Please bring your own food and drink, together with your own plates and cutlery.
Carole Newman will be providing Gooseberry pie and cream/custard.
If you cannot come by water to support the association why not come by road as there will be a launch available to ferry you to and from the West Mersea public hammerhead and Packing Marsh Island – please ensure you are at the hammerhead before 11.00 pm.
We have use of the launch from 11:00 – 18:00 to ferry us to and from our boats. Alternatively you will need your own tender.
The organiser for this event is Gill Maloney
Gill Maloney: mobile 07786280390  Email:
The entry form is below. Please fill it in and return it as soon as possible.
NOTE: the final date for entry is 14th August. Good Luck and Good Sailing!!
WRYOA   Gooseberry Pie Race Details:
Entrants must confirm their entry on the morning of the Rally with the nominated Committee Boat.
COMMITTEE BOAT: To be confirmed
START: The Race will start at 09.00 BST off Bateman’s Tower.

                       5 minutes    Short Blast
                    4 minutes    Short Blast
                    1 minute      Long Blast
                      Start          Short Blast

If anyone is over the line a second blast will be given after the start and it is up to that offender to re-cross the start line and start again.                  
VHF Channel: Our inter-ship communication channel is 77. Please monitor this channel on dual watch throughout the race, and have your mobile phones switched on. 
The course will decided by the Committee boat on the day depending on conditions and will be announced before the race commences.                                                                                           



Summer Events 2020

Sadly all summer events are cancelled. These are extraordinary times and although some restrictions have been lifted we are still awaiting further Government announcements.

Spring Events 2020 

Maritime talk – 1st February

Bernie Hetherington gave a very interesting talk on the Falkland Islands, he spoke of at the history of occupation, Port Stanley, the RAF base, minefields and odd-looking rock formations, various wildlife and harbours, then after the break we looked at the fishing industry there, especially squid fishing.

Swatchways Evening – 16th February

Around 20 Members attended this evening at the Nottage, Mike Downs gave the first presentation showing various pictures around Harwich and Shotley, Tide Mill, Heybridge Basin and Margate then some from the 2013 Wivenhoe regatta and finished with pictures of Saga’s restoration.
John Wilson followed with a presentation of a trip across the channel in1978 to Honfleur via Calais and Dieppe. This was followed with various pictures from 2019, we saw red seals, the mill at Woodbridge with the millstream and other wildlife that had been spotted throughout the year including birds and butterflies.  
Nick Baker talked about some Rowhedge history, he spoke about fishing, yachting and ship building and had some great aerial pictures of the river and the ship building yards along with the Colne smack race in 1907, the rebuilding of the smack ‘Maria’ and the Harris rally.
Finally, Mike Taylor-Jones streamed us a silent video of the 1961 Tilman voyage to Greenland on Bill Tilman’s boat ‘Mischief’ of which Mike did most of the filming.
There was plenty of discussion throughout the film. Here is a link to the film if you want to watch it:
It was a very entertaining evening with some really interesting stories.

Annual General Meeting (and fitting out lunch) – 1st March

The AGM was well attended with about 50 Members present, Geoff welcomed the members and agreed last year’s minutes before handing over to Liz to present the Treasurer’s report. Deceased members and friends were remembered and new members welcomed, Geoff then gave a report of all the events from the last 12 months and a rundown of what to expect for the current season before electing the Committee en bloc. The Committee for 2020/21 is as follows:
Peter Goldsmith - Chairman, Liz Taylor Jones – Treasurer, Linda Morgan - Membership secretary, Simon Bacon –Minutes secretary and Committee Members: John & Jackie Worsp, Gill Maloney, Jonny Joel, Tim Stokes, Carol Mitchell, Geoff Nelson and Bernie Hetherington.
With the formalities over we toasted the Association and the season ahead then tucked into a delicious fitting out lunch with the food provided by members.
With limited or no sailing going on we would love to hear from members with reminiscences, stories and photos of past adventures that we can share while we can only dream. Please do send them in.



Summer Events 2019

Spring Rally: 25-27th May H.W. 17:15 - Destination Burnham Marina and Dinner at the White Heart.

Gooseberry Pie Rally: 20-21st July H.W. 15:15 Destination Mersea, Supper at the Packing Shed. Moorings available.

Autumn Rally: 14-15th September H.W. 13.30 Destination Tollesbury & Bradwell

Tail End Race: 5th October. Fish & Chip Supper.




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