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Summer Events 2019

Spring Rally: 25-27th May H.W. 17:14 - Destination Burnham Marina and Dinner at the White Heart.

Gooseberry Pie Rally: 20-21st July H.W. 15:15 Destination Mersea, Supper at the Packing Shed. Moorings available.

Autumn Rally: 14-15th September H.W. 13.30 Destination Tollesbury & Bradwell

Tail End Race: 5th October. Fish & Chip Supper.

Winter Events 2019:

Maritime Talk

Saturday 19th January

Daryl Williamson

Sea Stories from the Commercial World - Coffee Shop to Satellite Launches


Swatchways and Photographic Evening

Saturday 16th February



AGM & Fitting out lunch

Sunday 3rd March

Autumn Events 2018:


Nautical songs, poems, stories and seafood evening

Saturday 20th October


At the Nottage Maritime Institute

Come along and share your humorous or nautical poems/stories and have a sing along, Feel free to bring along an instrument to play



Maritime talk

10th November


At the Nottage Maritime Institute

Content TBA



51st Annual Dinner

 Saturday 1st December

At the Nottage Maritime Institute & British Legion.




Summer 2018 


Spring rally – Levington marina 26th - 28th May

This year’s Spring rally was held over the May bank holiday weekend with the destination being Levington, for those heading there from the Colne the wind was forecast 15 Easterly but once on the Wallet it was more like 25 and gusting even harder and against the tide made for a very unpleasant trip. Most boats returned to port or other destinations in the Black water, Windsong battled on and made it all the way round. Other boats from Titchmarsh joined the rally in the afternoon and several Members drove round for an enjoyable BBQ in the evening.


Gooseberry Pie rally – Tollesbury marina 14th & 15th July

The Gooseberry pie rally this year took us to Tollesbury Marina on what could have been one of the hottest days of the year. 11 boats attended the rally and 7 boats started the race but due to a foul tide and light winds only the larger boats managed to finish the race, the race started at Batemans Tower where there was lots of tacking to Bench head then on to the finish line at the Nass beacon. It was a close race with the finishing boats crossing the line within 10 minutes of each other. After the race we all moored in the marina around mid afternoon then assembled by the salt pool in the evening for a BBQ followed by gooseberry pie and cream/custard after which the days racing results were announce.

Autumn rally – Bradwell marina 15th September


It started as a fine and calm morning with a light Southerly breeze 3-4. Nine WRYOA and sailing club boats enjoyed a sail to Bradwell Marina in almost perfect conditions enjoying a gloriously sunny September day and the magnificent sight of the smacks and barges competing in the Colne barge match.

Nineteen crew and two dogs gathered for an excellent meal in the Green Man pub where a jolly evening was had by all. A wonderful day finished in style with nightcaps served aboard the Dutch barge Tjalk Alberdina


Tail end race & Fish and Chip Supper - Saturday29th September


The tail end race and lessons to be learned there from!!

On a lovely quiet September morning at 10:30, 4 boats came to the line at Bateman’s Tower for the Tail End Race. The wind was forecast NNE 2/3 it was S2! The first of many unusual occurrences! The course was set as Inner Bench Head to starboard, CVP buoy (a CYC buoy on Mersea flats) to starboard, No.8 to port and back through the Bateman’s Tower Line.


The participating boats were Samphire, Torgunn,

French Herring and Desire.

It was decided to start the race with a running start led by Samphire as the slowest boat on handicap. This was a new experience for Torgunn and French Herring who “jumped the gun” and started before Samphire.

No problem for the time being.


Just after the start In the light winds and at low water with an echo sounder not responding to soft mud, Desire ran aground just north of the entrance to Brigntlingsea and used her engine to extricate herself and retired but continued around the course! With the breeze filling in slowly about an hour and a half later Samphire called in to retire as the light winds were making for slow going. As Desire rounded IBH Torgunn and French Herring were well ahead and French Herring radio’d in asking for confirmation of the position of CVP buoy as it appeared according to their plotter to be 76 miles away


French Herring then confirmed they had rounded the buoy but it had No.6 on it. Torgunn faithful to his brother followed round it shortly after French Herring.

Both boats had rounded West Mersea No.6!

It was agreed that as Torgunn and French Herring were the only boats still racing they should continue to race for the Tail end trophy following the rest of the race marks excluding CVP.

A radio discussion followed whereby Desire indicated that just for information she was rounding CVP as Torgunn was passing Molliette 1 mile to the North.

Torgunn crossed the finishing line 6 minutes behind French Herring after 2.5 hours of racing and was declared the winner but not before we had entertained the Alresford Creek fleet with our radio communications during the race.