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The Wivenhoe and Rowhedge Yacht Owners Association was founded in 1968. The Founding Chairman was Don Goodsell, Peter Mather, the Secretary, and George Hicks the Treasurer. The Committee members at the Inaugural Meeting were:

  • Peter Brooks, who was an effective ‘recruiting officer’ during the Association’s early years.

  • John Leather, co-founder, yacht designer, naval architect and marine historian

  • John Carter, a local schoolmaster of benevolent nature with a huge repertoire of schoolroom jokes.

  • Sue Goodsell, journalist

  • Hugh Naylor, journalist/publisher

  • Harold Meadows

  • Ralph Merry

  • Norman Downie

  • John Worsp

The name and aims of the Association were decided at the second meeting on 9 February 1968. The aims of the Association are:

1.To perpetuate the established use of Wivenhoe and Rowhedge as a yachting centre.

2. To safeguard the interests of yachtsmen and boat owners for whom Wivenhoe and Rowhedge are home ports and who regularly lay-up in the River Colne.

3. To co-operate with riparian owners in:

3.1 ensuring the maintenance of existing facilities for yachts and to work towards the improvement thereof and

3.2 maintaining the picturesque aspects of the waterside area on both banks of the River Colne and to oppose any changes to their detriment.

4. To preserve the rights of cruising yachtsmen on the River Colne and adjacent waters.

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